Monroe County residents rocking the community by painting, relocating rocks

PHOTO ABOVE: Rocks painted by Andrea Ensor Arends and her children. Photo via Paris MO Rocks Facebook Group

Move over geocaching, painted rocks are the latest craze.

Have you started noticing a variety of multicolored stones appearing (and disappearing) in peculiar areas across the community? Maybe you found one near your favorite restaurant…maybe one appeared on your doorstep…maybe you witnessed a few proud-looking children posing with these rainbow minerals. These are all very likely scenarios. Both children and adults in the Monroe County area have found fun in painting, finding and relocating rocks, often encouraging others to participate via social media.

The initial trend is credited to the Kindness Rocks Project, but that hasn’t stopped communities across the world from putting their spin on it. Paris’ Facebook Group has over 300 members and is growing daily. The group has also created the hashtag #ParisMORocks to educate other rock-finders about the origins of the painted rock, especially if relocated far away.

Want to get involved?

It’s quite easy to begin – join the Facebook group, paint some rocks, relocate and get active! Take a picture with any rocks found, add on social media with the hashtag #ParisMORocks, relocate and start over. It’s that simple. However the Facebook group reminds members to use durable paints/sealants for longevity, only hide rocks outdoors and to be mindful of dangerous locations.

Scroll below to get a glimpse of some of the rocks located throughout the community. Happy rock-hunting!

PHOTO ABOVE: “Khloee had a blast on her first night of rock hunting! #parismorocks” – Kylee Ragsdale-Hendren via Facebook group

PHOTO ABOVE: “Debbie has been rock hunting” – Chrissy McGee-Graupman‎ via Facebook group

PHOTO ABOVE: “My nephew found this cool rock at Frostbites tonight! He looks forward to relocating it in Shelbina tomorrow ” – Scott Knight‎ via Facebook group

PHOTO ABOVE: “Hid one and found 2!” – Bridget Baker‎ via Facebook group

PHOTO ABOVE: “Lily found this rock tonight, she will be relocating it tomorrow” -Denise Duncan-Redington‎ via Facebook group

PHOTO ABOVE: “They painted there first rocks! They also had 2 Como Rocks they wanted to hide!” – Ariel O’Brien‎ via Facebook group