Old Threshers has baby show; results and pictures here

Mark Twain Old Threshers Reunion had its annual baby show this Friday, July 7. The show took place under the big white tent near the food area. The participants did not need to be Monroe County residents to participate in the competition.

Melissa Graupman coordinated the event, and three semi-local judges decided the winners. The judges were Debbie Allison of Mexico, Claudia Lynch of Sturgeon, and Cindy Wilson of Higbee. Graupman informed The Pariscope that she had no connection to the judges and had only met them an hour prior to the event.

The results of the baby show for each division is shown below.

0-6 months
girl: Bralynn Albin, daughter of Eric & Amber Albin of Shelbyville
boy: Carson Lee Umstattd, son of Destinee Wheeler & Shane Umstattd of Paris

7-12 months
girl: Mika Jo Wilkerson, daughter of Alan & Johanna Wilkerson of Hannibal
boy: Moss Mozingo, son of Casey and Sam Mozingo of Paris

13-18 months
girl: Jaida Cannon, daughter of Nikki Cannon
boy: Everett Crain, son of Jeff & Molly Crain of Holliday

19-24 months
girl: Cambri Chapman, daughter of John & Angie Chapman of Monroe City
boy: no contestants

25-35 months
girl: Alena Mozingo, daughter of Casey & Sam Mozingo of Paris
boy: Christian Rowe, son of Kayla & Tyler Rowe of Paris

Overall Grand Champion
Overall grand champion winner: Everett Crain (13-18 months)

3-5 years
girl: Rayleigh Pierce, daughter of Jenna & Jared Pierce of Paris
boy: no contestants

Lil’ Miss & Lil’ Mister
Lil’ Miss winner: Makenzie Peterson
Lil’ Mister winner: Cash Albin, son of Eric & Amber Albin of Shelbyville

The Old Threshers Contest began immediately following the baby show. The results are as follows.

Princess & Prince (6-11 years)
Princess winner: Cahlin Chapman
Prince winner: Tucker Willard

Both the prince and princess contestants were asked to respond to the question, “What farm animal would you be and why?” The now princess responded, “I would be a horse because they are beautiful creatures.” The now prince responded, “I would be a cow because they eat all day and lay in the grass.”

Jr. Miss & Jr. Mr. Old Threshers (12-14 years)
Jr. Miss. Old Threshers: no contestants
Jr. Mr. Old Threshers: Lane Willard

The Jr. Mr. contestants were also asked to respond to the question, “What farm animal would you be and why?” The now Jr. Mr. Old Threshers responded, “I would be a horse because no one would kill me or eat me.”

Miss & Mr. Old Threshers (15-18 years)
Miss Old Threshers: Emily Havens, daughter of Susan & Charles Havens of Paris
Mr. Old Threshers: no contestants

The Miss Old Threshers contestants were asked to respond to a different question. The question was, “What piece of farm equipment would you be and why?” The winner of Miss Old Threshers responded, “I would be a tractor, specifically a green one, because my family basically runs on tractors.”

Didn’t see your child’s photograph? No worries. To view a gallery of photographs from the event, click here.