Paris native and chef authors wild game cookbook


By: Danielle Wheelan

PICTURE ABOVE: Aaron Neale is a 2004 Paris High School Graduate and head chef for “Fresh Ideas’” account at Hannibal-LaGrange University. Photo courtesy of Aaron Neale. 

Aaron Neale is his name, cooking game is his game.

This Paris native has decided to combine two of his passions, cooking and hunting wild game, into one, solid cookbook that is now for sale.

Neale is the son of the late Dennis and Donna Neale from Paris, Missouri. He has one sibling, Doug Young; and one niece, Kaylea Dell Young. Neale has been in the culinary industry since 2012 and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu-St. Peters. He is currently head chef at Hannibal Lagrange, working for the food management company “Fresh Ideas.”

He explained that he’s had a passion for cooking since a young age, but never thought he would pursue it as a career choice. He waited several years after high school before enrolling in culinary school, but now knows that he made the right choice in doing so.

Neale says one of his biggest inspirations is his grandma Bonnie Wheeler. He has fond memories helping her in the kitchen as a young kid, and joked in the interview that he “was always really good at cleaning the plates,” both metaphorically and literally.

His recipes are a mix of his own creations and family traditions. He also took some ideas from his hunting buddies.

“As rough as their edges are, they’re pretty soft in the middle – meaning they know how to cook and especially eat,” said Neal.

He believes his cook book is unique and stands out from the competition because of the humorous stories he has included within its pages.

“It’s not just pages full of boring recipes,” said Neal. He hopes this will entices the readers to have a bit more fun while they’re cooking, while leaving room for each individual’s creativity to shine through and make each dish their own.

You can buy his cookbook, “Wild Game Recipes,” on Amazon in either a kindle or paperback edition.