Summer baseball program encourages elementary students to play outside

Children were outside playing ball this past Monday with the Paris Elementary summer program, Baseball and Brown Bags.

Baseball and Brown Bags is for all students entering Kindergarten through Grade 6. The children play an age appropriate variation of baseball from 11:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. and are then provided a brown bag lunch to eat from 11:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

“We did our [school] health surveys and our kids are healthy, but we thought it was an opportunity for us to get them out once a week, get them outside playing, and give them a little lunch,” said Superintendent Aaron Vitt and lead coordinator for this program.

The Baseball and Brown Bags program was founded last summer, and is planned to continue throughout the following years. The fun will continue every Monday, except July 3, until school starts again on the green area next to the Paris Elementary School, according to Vitt.

The children that came on June 12 included Brady Shivers, Glory Chase, Caroline and Aubrey Youse, Savannah and Owen Buie, Kaden Graupman, and Brooks Willingham.

Chris Willingham, program dad, thinks this program is a great chance for kids to get off the coach. He also added, “I think it is great that they get to meet kids that maybe aren’t in their normal school class” and encourages more kids to come out next week.

Baseball and Brown Bags
Glory Chase runs to first base after she hits the ball. Kaden Graupman, right, proceeds to field the ball.
Baseball and Brown Bags
Brady Shivers runs after a ball, while Kaden Graupman runs to second base. Superintendent Aaron Vitt, Caroline Youse, and Brooks Willingham wait for the ball to be returned to the field.
Baseball and Brown Bags
Superintendent Aaron Vitt pitches the baseball to a Baseball and Brown Bags participant.
Baseball and Brown Bags
Brooks Willingham evades an out as he breezes by Superintendent Aaron Vitt.
Baseball and Brown Bags
Who needs a glove? Aubrey Youse tries to catch the ball at home base.
Baseball and Brown Bags
Caroline Youse doesn’t need the tee and swings at a ball pitched by Superintendent Aaron Vitt.