Paris football player leads national stats in total tackles

breckhancockBreck Hancock, junior, has been a defensive leader for the Coyotes all season long. In total, the 205 lb. linebacker and tackle has accumulated 40 solo tackles and 95 assisted, totaling an incredible 135 total tackles.  If you average that out, that ‘s 19.3 per game.

As of last week, Hancock was second in the nation in tackles behind a senior linebacker from Glendale, first in Missouri’s class 5, and a junior from the state of California. This deserves some recognition.

Below is a short Q&A I had with Hancock:


How did you prepare for the season? What do you think are the main contributors to your success this season?

BH: I prepared for this season simply by just weightlifting every day and doing agility drills. The main contributors have to be simply just weight-lifting: making me bigger, faster, and stronger.

Did you expect this much personal success? How do you think your success this year will carry over into next season?

BH: I really don’t focus on myself; I really look forward to team success more than anything.I won’t base next year on my success this year. It’s a whole new year and all I need to focus on is getting better in the off-season.

Who are your role models or main motivations when it comes to football?

BH: My biggest role models in football are my brothers, Brendon and Briar. Growing up as a kid, we were always outside and they were always hitting me as hard as they could. I believe that toughness carried over to what is now. Brendon was a really good tight end and Briar was a good fullback & linebacker and continued his career after high school playing for Quincy. One day I hope to play again with him.

What are your personal and team goals for next season and do you believe you can accomplish them?

BH: My personal goal next year is to break the tackle record set at 170. Our team goal will always be the same: try to win conference and go above .500.

What was your favorite moment in football this year? 

BH: My favorite moment this year was the game against Fayette where we made a couple goal line stands and caused six turnovers.

Out for the rest of the season due to an illness, Hancock remains both humble and optimistic about the upcoming final games. Paris is to play Westran on Friday, October 14 at 7:00 p.m., and will then attempt a run at Districts.