Paris bull rider attends World Finals; Finishes 19th in the world

No matter how many times Brendon Hancock has been injured after being thrusted off by a nearly one-ton bull, he still continues to dust off his chaps and get back on. For this Missouri boy-turned-professional bull rider, those coveted eight  seconds for which he fights are a show of faith and a defiance of fear. This summer, his determination paid off. Hancock attended the Championship Youth Bull Riding World Finals and placed 19th in the world.

Below is a short Q&A I had with Hancock.

Tell us about World Finals. 

CYBR (Championship Youth Bull Riding) took me to world finals. The finals started August 3rd and ended August 6th. It was located in Abeliene, Texas. I finished 19th over all in the world.

Can you explain a little about how you got into bull riding?

When I was younger I grew up watching my Uncle Jerry ride bulls and I wanted to be just like him.

How did you score throughout the season to qualify?

To qualify I had to finish top 2 in the association. Throughout the season I was on fire, then hit a little dry spell but everything is good now. To prepare for finals I just got on a lot of bulls to practice on and to build my confidence for world.

What was it like participating?

It was a total shock going to world seeing kids from different countries riding and being able to talk to them. My favorite moment of finals was when some PBR riders talked to me about the bulls I was getting on. During the finals I was a little nervous due to the fact that it was far from home and I didn’t know hardly anyone there.

So what now? Do you plan on continuing to compete?

I plan on riding in some finals here in Missouri to finish out the year and I’ve decided to take the winter off and come out refreshed and ready to go for 2017.

Who is your bull riding support system?

My bull riding support system is my parents, Michael and Faith, and also my girlfriend, Riley, and her family. I would like to thank my parents for taking me to all my rodeos when I was younger and supporting me through this. My girlfriend and her family for pushing me to be the very best I can be. I also had some sponsors that helped me out with finals. XI BETA XI and some friends and family. Thank you all so much!

*Photos contributed by Hancock.